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TW-306 Ceiling Speaker


TW-306 Ceiling Speaker has a 1.5-inch tweeter and a 6-inch woofer. In this speaker, an isolated transformer matching with different terminals is used to select the desired power to the speaker in the range of 10, 20 and 30 watts. It is easy to use Soundco model TW306 ceiling speaker in volt mode (connecting to transformer matching terminal). A body with four ceiling mounts made of ABS material, next to a magnetic net (no frame) completes this powerful 30 watt speaker. The frequency range of 80 Hz to 18 kHz gives a very favorable response of a quality music to the listener. Use in double-layer ceilings, tiles, kenaf, MDF material ceilings or even plaster frames is a very good base for Installation of this type of speakers is considered. The required size for cutting Soundco model TW-306 Ceiling Speaker is exactly 211 mm. You can install this speaker in commercial centers, hotel lobbies, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons, homes, etc. Removing cumbersome speakers, home cinema and large speakers from the environment of houses and replacing ceiling speakers in different places of the house, including the reception hall, kitchen, rooms, etc. is one of the recent innovations in the construction industry.

Other specifications of Soundco model TW306 ceiling speaker:

It has a 6-inch tweeter and woofer with 8 ohms

The ability to install ohmic voltage

Cut size 211 mm

It has a power of 30 watts and a variable head in powers of 10, 20 and 30 watts