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T811 Stereo TRS Connector



Benon Male Stereo Soundco Model T811 is a TRS plug and is suitable for microphone cables, studio rooms,

used to connect various instruments to audio system ports and used in repairing headphone jacks and other items.

Electric guitar players are well acquainted with this connector and its application. The use of coated copper (nickel)

is one of the strengths of this product for soldering.


Product Description:
– 1/4″ mono/stero plug
– Plasic chuck relief
– High refined copper contact
– Available for nickel/gold plating contacts
– White /Black plating housing
– Unique design, It has applied for appearance patent
– Available for 5 colors bushing

– Contact resistance: <10mΩ
– Insulation resistance: >200mΩ
– Pressure: 0.5KVac 50Hz
– Mating lifetime: > 1000 cycles
– Temperature: – 30℃- 80℃