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SU-3100 C wireless microphone


Review: Soundco SU-3100 C wireless microphone

The Soundco SU-3100 C wireless microphone is a professional dual-antenna dual-core wireless device with UHF bandwidth and a frequency range of 600 to 900 MHz. 100 variable digital channels with very high antenna guarantee a longitudinal distance of 120 to 200 meters. Be a fan and even a wind instrument player. There is also a collar microphone in the packaging of this product for other uses or even connection to traditional and wind instruments. SU-3100 C wireless microphone starts with 2 1.5V AAA batteries (it is recommended to use an alkaline battery) and does not need to be replaced for approximately 12 hours. PLL technology in the design of this microphone ensures the antenna of this device along with the very high gripping power of the capsule of this microphone, the indicator on the transmitter and receiver, the amount of antenna, or battery volume, frequency and channel selected and the volume of sound input based Displays decibels. Using the right DISPLAY color in the dark, in addition to its practicality, reduces distraction or low visibility. SCAN Automatic with IR lens in cases where you want to quickly find the desired frequency is designed in this receiver. The power key of this device is the touch microphone, and even when it is off, the power indicator is on, and it is in STANDBY mode. This quality product in the Iranian market has gained the trust of its customers and is considered as one of the professional wireless categories. The use of this microphone in amphitheater halls and music groups, recitation and religious uses, is among the high-range mourning groups. Soundco SU3100 wireless collar microphone has Italian technology and has succeeded in obtaining CE and RoHS certification. And ISO9001.