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Microphone Cable 3060

Microphone Cable 3060



Soundco Microphone Cable 3060: This product has two stereo cores with 28 copper strands, covered with two-color polyethylene insulation and 96 shield strands woven around it, and silk and thread strands, for high strength and no wire breakage. Even in tough conditions and under pressure, the handle covered with PVC outer insulation is soft and flexible. The thickness of the coating used is 7 mm, the use of pure copper in this cable and the number of high strands of the wire have been effective in conductivity and no decrease in ohms over long distances. The use of this cable is to connect all types of microphones, instruments, active speakers, etc. to mixers or power mixers and amplifiers, as well as for use in studio rooms. This product is very flexible and it is very useful in live performance and collection. It is very important to use high-quality, conductive and high-quality cable in the transmission of audio streams. The use of copper cables, with iron or aluminum materials, which are very common and profitable for sellers, seriously reduces the audio signals and increases the risk of damage to the equipment. It is recommended that you read the article on cable detection methods. This very high quality product has Italian technology and has obtained CE, RoHS and ISO9001 certificates. This cable has been tested at minus 30 degrees and plus 80 degrees Celsius and has a test report certificate from CTI (Centre Testing International Group Co. LTD) laboratory.