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Microphone Cable 3060



Soundco Stereo Microphone Cable Model 3060: This product has two stereo cores with 28 strands of copper, coated with two-color polyethylene insulation

and 96 strands of woven shield around it, and strands of yarn and silk, for high strength and no wire cut Even in harsh and pressurized conditions, the handle

coated with PVC exterior insulation is soft and flexible. The thickness of the cover used is 7 mm, the use of pure copper in this cable and the number of high

strands of wire in conductivity and not reducing the ohm in long distances have been effective.

 Model: 3060 (Weave)

 Shield: 96

 PE:  (2x28x0.1+2)

 PVC: ɸ7mm


  Material: 99.99% Copper