CM Pro Lavalier Microphone

Soundco collar microphone model cm pro is the best-selling product of Sandco
It does not matter what device you want to connect this microphone to, a smartphone or a dslr camera,
PC or laptop, or a portable speaker, echo amplifier or audio mixer, we guarantee you that
This professional product has the ability to connect to all microphone input ports.
Use this microphone to perform live and virtual tutorials, make promotional clips and live Instagram, podcasts and narration
,singing and singing, Playing is recommended for other traditional instruments, stream, or even Food ASMR
Experience unboxing the product with a specialized microphone Hits will greatly increase your content production
Existence of a high quality leather bag with an eye-catching logo of the manufacturer, Makes you think of buying an original and 
authentic product
Metal clamp attached to the collar microphone at the same endurance, It has retained its sense of beauty
When you put the microphone key in smart phone mode You can connect the microphone to your mobile phone and laptop without the need 
to insert a battery
To connect the microphone to the camera and computer, you must insert the battery inside the package into the power supply And place 
the microphone key in camera position
If you want to connect this microphone to an echo amplifier or audio mixer Use the 3.5 to 6.35 mm converter inside the package
And always hold the microphone key in the camera position. Do not forget to put the battery in the product in this situation as well
4 meter long all-copper cables with durable and conductive silk strands And guarantees the anti-noise of this product
Among the technical information of this product can be omni-directional cartridge (All directions) with 1000 ohm and frequency range 
65 to 18 kHz


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