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BT305A Ceiling Speaker With Bluetooth Amplifier 


BT305A Ceiling Speaker With Bluetooth Amplifier : It is an active tweeter speaker, integrated with a head amplifier and equipped with a crossover board for acceptable sound separation due to its two magnets. BT305A Ceiling Speaker With Bluetooth Amplifier  can be connected to all kinds of smart devices via Bluetooth, and without the need for wiring and only with electricity, it can be installed in all kinds of medium-sized stores or offices, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, master rooms, etc. In addition to setting up this speaker, you can also power a speaker without an amplifier from the same BT305P series. Get this product in pairs (BT305A, BT305P). The product accessories include a high-quality adapter and a 10-meter cable to connect two speakers to each other. The power of this speaker is 25 to 50 watts, the size of the woofer is 5 inches and the size of the cut in the ceiling is 18 cm. The power of the amplifier is 25+25W in normal mode, which can be increased up to 50W.