3030 Microphone Cable
3030 Microphone Cable3030 Microphone Cable

3030 Microphone Cable

Soundco 3030 microphone cable has two stereo cores with 28 copper strands, coated with polyethylene insulation in two colors
, white and red. 64 strands of all-copper shield twisted around two core strands, with a copper foil and strands of yarn and
 silk, for high strength and no wire cut even in harsh and pressurized conditions, handle coated with soft and flexible PVC 
outer insulation is.

Technical informations:

  •  Model: 3030 (Spiral)
  •  Shield: 64
  •  PE: (2x28x0.1+2)
  •  PVC: ɸ6.5mm
  •   Roll:100m
  •   Material: 99.99% Copper
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